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20/09/2019 - new other quarter & touch added
02/08/2019 - 2 new other peals added
02/02/2019 - 3 new other quarters added
30/05/2018 - new other quarter added
02/05/2018 - new other quarter added
31/03/2018 - New News article Embleton rehung 2001(emnews14)
13-15/12/2017 - Facebook embedded in 'News' page, 'News Articles' now on 'Articles' page,
12/12/2017 - New Quarter added,
01/12/2017 - Facebook private Group link added to Menu & Home page
30/10/2017 - other New quarter (Aldbury)  added
31/03/2017- Update II - various old Quarters & articles added from RWs Online (2003-2017)
04/03/2017 - 5 Outings pages added with photos
07/02/2017 - Site installed in this new location "www.embletonringers.org.uk"
27/12/2016  - 25/01/2017  Update I - Various old Quarters and articles added from old RWs etc DVDs (1892-2000)
Fri 09/12/2016 Details updated for Bamburgh quarter 16/05/2015
Fri 14/10/2016 - web sitemap, Google map marker on Info page, with Street View, added
Thur 14/04/2016 - Google map added
Sat 23/05/2015 - New other Quarter added 
Wed 29/04/2015 - New other Quarter added  
Fri 24/10/2014 - New other Peal and Quarter added 
03/2013 - Site created